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Why SmartBuy makes buying a new car easier

If you’re buying a Holden on finance, you need to know about SmartBuy. This popular, nationwide car financing solution offers flexible repayment terms, fixed payment amounts and an awesome buyback deal once you’ve paid the car loan off (just in case you fancy the newest model).

This not only makes buying a new car easier and more affordable, it gives you the flexibility to trade your car in further down the track if you change your mind. Let’s take a closer look at how SmartBuy makes buying a car easier, and how it works.


Guaranteed buyback value

The best feature of SmartBuy is the guaranteed minimum buyback price. This is essentially an assurance from the dealer that should you choose to at the end of your finance term, they will give you a specific price for your car.

If you decide to take advantage of the buyback deal, you can pick one of three options:

1. Hold onto you car: If you’re loving your new wheels, no worries. Make your final SmartBuy repayment and it’s all yours.

2. Trade it in: Got your eye on the newest model? Or maybe a completely different car? Pop into your dealership after your final repayment and you can use the funds from the buyback to put towards any new car you’d like.

3. Or return it: If you need cash, or you don’t need your car any more, drop into your dealership before the final repayment. Pay a $350 fee and any required excesses instead of the final repayment and receive the full buyback price.

After you’ve signed on the dotted line, life can happen and minds can change. Smart Buy’s buyback guarantee makes it easier when these things happen, giving you options to get your cash back or pick a more suitable car.


Flexible terms and fixed payments

When you buy your car on finance, the amount of your repayments and the length of the loan term are often set in stone. Not with SmartBuy.

You can set your repayment term at whatever suits you: 2, 3 or 4 years. Longer repayment terms obviously have lower repayment amounts, which is ideal if you’re strapped for cash right now. Shorter repayment terms mean higher repayment amounts—perfect if you want to clear the debt as quickly as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve picked a term, your repayment amount will be set and will stay the same throughout the life of the loan. This makes budgeting around these costs easier and allows you to set up hassle-free automatic payments.

Buying a new car doesn’t have to break the bank. Smart Buy is a great way to spread the cost out over a few years without paying thousands more in fees and interest. Get in touch or drop into your local Nicholson Auto team today to find out if SmartBuy could help you into a new ride.

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