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Which Nissan SUV or 4 X 4 is right for you?

a nissan 4 x 4 in the rugged wild

Nissan makes incredible 4x4s. The majority of their line up has, at some point, won prestigious awards, including International Pick Up of the Year for the Navara and Best Small SUV for the Qashqai.

Choosing the right Nissan 4×4 or SUV can be difficult since they’re all excellent. To make it easier we’ve picked our top three and run through the difference between each of them.

blue qashqai in motion


Perfect for: Small families and city-drivers

The Nissan Qashqai is a compact SUV that packs a lot into a relatively small package. It’s got one of the most unique and attractive designs in the range, and it’s extremely practical with five doors and five seats despite its short body length.

With that said, one of our favourite things about the Qashqai has to be its intelligent technology. To keep you and your family safe, it has:

  • Intelligent emergency braking.
  • Forward collision and lane departure warning.
  • Vehicle dynamic control with traction control system. 
  • Intelligent lane intervention. 
  • Intelligent driver assist.

All these smart features combine to ensure you never swerve out of your lane, that you’re warned of collisions in advance, and that the car can brake automatically to avoid a collision if necessary. Oh, and did we mention, the car also features intelligent park assist? It just about parks itself.

black xtrail pulling a boat out of the water


Perfect for: Families and adventurers

The Nissan X-Trail is the Qashqaui’s larger, more capable big brother. It’s got plenty of room for seven people and a large boot boasting 950 litres of capacity with all the seats folded down. That’s enough to fit gear like bikes or even move house. The X-Trail even has all the smart safety and driver-assist features of the Qashqai and more, like rear cross traffic alert and intelligent pedestrian detection.

The X-Trail is also extremely capable, with an impressive 126 kW engine and 226 Nm of torque – plenty to tow the boat and handle rough terrain. This SUV isn’t just about brute strength though. Riding in the X-Trail is always ultra-comfortable thanks to:

  • Soft black leather trim. 
  • Heated front seats.
  • Dual-zone climate control. 
  • Heated and cooled centre console cup holders

If you’re keen to explore in luxury with family and friends, these features make the Nissan X-Trail hard to beat.

An orange navara in a industrial background


Perfect for: hard workers and boaters

Builders, landscapers, farmers and every other hard working labourer you can think of love the Nissan Navara. The huge tray (which is over 1.5 metres long and wide at the floor) has plenty of space to fit all your gear – or even a couple surfboards and fishing rods on the weekend.

The Navara also has enough grunt to tow just about anything. There’s a 140 kW engine under the hood that can crank out a truly impressive 450 Nm of torque. This grunty engine gives the Navara a whopping 3500 kg of towing capacity, which is more than most in its class.

Need a hand picking the ideal 4 x 4 for you? Come and talk it over with one of our experts at your nearest Nicholson dealership today.

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