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5 of the safest used cars money can buy

During the average year in New Zealand, there are around 10,000 road accidents causing injury. That’s why safety should be top of your list of priorities when buying a car, whether it’s for work, play or driving the kids to school.

To get your search for a car started, we’ve put together a list of five of the safest used cars in New Zealand, according to government rating agency, Right Car.

1. Mazda 3 

Mazda are known for producing high quality, safe vehicles and the Mazda 3 is no exception – it may be the safest small used car money can buy. If you can, go for a Mazda 3 from 2013 onward as these have extra airbags and extra safety technology.

The newest model is the best option if you can find one. It has a 360 degree view monitor, driver monitor, emergency brake assist, lane keep assist and a bunch of other high-tech features. It even has traffic sign recognition, which senses the speed limit and displays it on the dash to put an end to accidental speeding.

2. Holden Commodore VF

The Holden Commodore VF was the last Australian-built Holden, and it was also one of the lion brand’s best. This car is a lot of fun to drive in both the V8 and V6 versions, including a huge, comfortable interior that’ll fit a large family.

What’s more, the Holden Commodore VFs are incredibly safe. From 2013 onward, they were packed with high-tech safety features and were built solid to hold up well in an accident.

Mazda are known for making extremely safe cars. 

3. Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 was the World Car of the Year runner up in 2018, and with good reason – this compact SUV is attractive, affordable, safe and fun to drive. It’s got handy safety features like brake assist, daytime running lights, rain sensing wipers and an excellent traction control system.

All CX-5 models from 2012 onward were given a five-star safety rating by the Right Car rating agency.

4. Nissan Patrol

At over five metres long and almost two metres wide, the Nissan Patrol looks like a cross between a large family SUV and a small, mobile tank. Its size and abundant safety features have earned models from 2012 onward a five-star safety rating in both New Zealand and Australia, while models from 1998 to 2012 have earned a 4-star rating.

If you need a powerful, comfortable used SUV that’s as safe as houses – this is your best best.

Holden’s Colorado ute is capable, powerful and safe. 

5. Holden Colorado

The Holden Colorado is one of the safest utes in New Zealand if you buy a model from 2008 to 2019. This thing isn’t just safe, either. It’s almost unbeatable off road, and has plenty of torque, making it easy to tow the boat or a trailer loaded with gear.

Are you ready to start looking for a safe used car? Drop in to your nearest Nicholson Auto dealership and talk to one of our friendly car experts soon.

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