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Suzuki Jimny sweeps the World Car of the Year Awards

Here at Nicholson, we’ve been huge fans of the Suzuki Jimny from the day it came out. That’s why we weren’t surprised when this awesome offroader was nominated for the Urban and Design categories in the prestigious World Car of the Year Awards in Paris.

How did the Suzuki Jimny get nominated alongside a $159,000 Jaguar?

The Suzuki Jimny was nominated alongside the likes of premium carmakers Jaguar and Volvo and it even beat out excellent offerings from Kia and Hyundai. The reason this little offroader is so highly regarded is simple – it’s a blast to drive and it looks great.

In their offroad review, Driven New Zealand called the Jimny”an off-road star capable of shaming all sorts of expensive tech-laden SUVs.”

And our ambassador, world champion multi-sport athlete Sam Clarke, was equally stoked when he took a Jimny for a spin:

“Nothing in its price range comes close, and considering the last generation didn’t change for 20 years, this Jimny will probably be around for a while too.”

The Jimny has better offroad capability than many of the current market leaders, at a quarter of the price. In fact, these little SUVs start at just $25,990, which makes them easily accessible to most New Zealanders.

Quirky, retro design a huge hit

When Suzuki announced the redesigned Jimny, it was an instant success thanks to its quirky styling. The car’s boxy retro shape harks back to the original Jimnys from the early 80s, giving it a charmingly retro personality.

In a recent review of the car, Stuff’s Damien Carrol raved about the Jimny’s design:

“Brilliantly squared-off G-Wagen mini-me look that is utterly triumphant and, given its extreme demand, clearly popular.”

The Jimny’s design launched it to huge popularity, with almost 3 million units sold worldwide and demand growing constantly. Suzuki have been so overwhelmed by orders that they’re struggling to build enough Jimny’s to meet demand.

Want to get behind the wheel of a Jimny in NZ?

Despite a shortage of supply worldwide, Nicholson Auto have got our hands on a few brand new Suzuki Jimnys.

Want to find out what it’s like to drive one of these little beauties? Don’t take our word for it – get in touch soon to arrange a test-drive and experience the Jimny for yourself.

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