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Nicholson Nissan Rotorua wins outstanding sales achievement award

Early in 2018, Nicholson opened its first Nissan franchise in Rotorua. They started the year thinking it’d take a while for people to start walking through the gates and that sales might be slow initially. They were wrong.

The incredible community in Rotorua welcomed Nicholson Nissan with open arms and they were busy from day one. At the end of 2018, the Nicholson Rotorua team won an award in recognition of outstanding sales achievement – a wonderful way to finish off their first year here.

The reason behind Nicholson’s success in Rotorua

Brad Antonievic, the Dealer Principal of Nicholson Nissan, believes the branch owes their successes to the Rotorua community who supported the business from the day it opened. Without the friendly locals who came to say hi and asked for a hand choosing a vehicle, these awards certainly wouldn’t have happened. It goes to show that when you connect with the people in the area they’ll back you no matter what.

The staff at Nicholson Nissan Rotorua played an equally important part in the dealership’s success. Their approach was simple – provide the same friendly welcome and helpful service to every single person that walks in the gate. Staff here embody the Nicholson spirit and take every opportunity out to help out local businesses and charities however they can.

It also doesn’t hurt that Nissan is such a quality brand, with so many great cars. This makes the team’s jobs a lot easier, because there’s no Holden versus ford type competition going on – people who buy Nissans just love driving and want a car that’s reliable and fun.

What this award means for Nicholson’s customers

Everyone who’s already bought a car from Nicholson Nissan Rotorua is a part of their success, and without this support they wouldn’t have sold a single car.

It just goes to show that when you get involved with the community in a tight knit town like Rotorua, they’ll support you however they can.


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