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Our guide to extending your vehicle’s life with regular servicing

Regular servicing will ensure your vehicle is running safely and efficiently. What’s more, a quality service can anticipate and fix costly problems before they occur, and cars with solid service histories usually have far higher resale values.

Most importantly, taking good care of your vehicle will extend its life so you get as many good kilometres out of it as possible.

Here at Nicholson, we know exactly what your vehicle needs to keep it running smoothly – read on so that you do too.

Read the vehicle’s manual, or schedule according to age

All new and most second hand vehicles will include a manual in the glovebox – this will tell you how often you need to service your vehicle.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a manual (or if it wasn’t much help), you should contact any of the Nicholson service departments and they can advise you of what the manufacturer’s service schedule is for this vehicle.

During these scheduled services, it’s essential that you have your oil and filter changed. This will make sure that your car’s engine doesn’t get contaminated with impurities , and that the oil is free to lubricate and cool engine components as it should.

Oil’s not all you need to check, however. Your transmission fluid, cooling system, brake component condition , wheel alignment, tyre tread, and much more will need to be checked at regular intervals.

Use a reputable garage with the right equipment

Regular car servicing and maintenance is best left to the pros. To make sure your car’s taken care of, you need to find a local mechanic that you trust and that you can go back to regularly when your car needs a service. Even better, if you can find a manufacturer’s franchise service centre they’ll have trained technicians, genuine parts and recent
software updates that will have your car driving like new in no time.

If your mechanic knows what they’re doing, they’ll keep a record of your service history, notify you when you’re due for your next check, and replace or maintain every component of your car as needed.

This might include

● Detecting unusual noises coming from the vehicle.
● Checking tyre tread and inflating to correct pressures.
● Inspecting radiator and checking for leaks or damage.
● Checking and replacing oil, engine coolant, brake fluid and steering fluids.
● Testing drive belts and cam belts.
● And more.

Nicholson goes one step further when it comes to servicing. As well as an inspection and full service from one of our experienced mechanics, you have opportunity to have your vehicle checked on the Safe-T-Stop lane. The Safe-T-Stop is a drive on brake and suspension tester that’s rarely found in New Zealand workshops and is considered to be one of the world’s most advanced.
In a matter of minutes, it tests if your brakes are applying evenly and that weight is properly distributed throughout your car, as well as measuring the condition and firmness of your suspension. This gives our mechanics extra insight so that they can make adjustments that will:

● Make your brakes safer and more effective.
● Improve fuel consumption by decreasing tyre drag.
● Ensure that your shock absorbers are working correctly.
● Make sure your tyres and suspension perform as they should and make them last longer.

Servicing your car saves you money, keeps you safe and makes driving easier. To make sure your car’s taken care of, book a servicing appointment online at your nearest Nicholson branch today.


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