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Why it’s safer and better to buy a used car from a dealership

Buying a used car is a great way to get more for your money. However, as with any second-hand product, there are some risks involved when doing so.

Find out why buying a used car from a reputable dealership helps protect you from these risks better than buying privately does.

used car

1. Better legal protection

Dealerships are required to abide by a number of laws that protect consumers, including:

  • The Sale of Goods Act: requires that the vehicle is in a fit state to be sold and gives you the right to seek a remedy if the seller didn’t have the right to sell the goods or owes money on them.
  • The Fair Trading Act: guards consumers against misleading or deceptive conduct by sellers, as well as other unfair practices.
  • The Consumer Guarantees Act: requires that goods be of acceptable, quality, fit for purpose and as described in advertising or conversation with the dealer.

Private sellers, on the other hand, are not required to comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act or the Fair Trading Act.

These laws make it near impossible for used car dealerships in New Zealand to sell you a lemon or mislead you, providing an extra layer of protection. Keep these laws in mind when you buy and don’t hesitate to raise any breaches with dealerships after or during your purchase.

2. More detailed information

All used car dealerships must display a Consumer Information Notice on the vehicles that they sell. This must include details of the vehicle’s:

  • Price.
  • Condition.
  • Odometer reading.
  • Any money owing.

This helps you make an informed decision, providing you with essential information from the outset. Private dealers are not required to display this information so you may have to request it during the sale.

used car

3. Dealerships trade on their reputations

A dealership’s reputation is their most important asset, especially in small rural communities like the ones Nicholson Auto works in. If a dealership sold a lemon or were dishonest, word would get around fast and their business would quickly suffer. Private sellers, however, are rarely as concerned about their reputations.

This means when you buy from a dealership, you can be almost certain you’re getting what you’re paying for. What’s more, in the unlikely event that you do buy a used car that is below standard, dealerships are usually very quick to fix the problem.

If you’re looking to buy a used car, you should always do your own research before you make a decision, regardless of who you buy from. However, if you’re not a car expert, it’s almost always better to buy from a dealership so that you have that extra layer of protection.

For help picking the right used car for you drop into your nearest Nicholson Auto dealership today.


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