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5 futuristic car safety features that make the road safer

A few months ago, pedestrians were treated to a bizarre sight in the Auckland suburb of Wynyard Quarter. As they strolled on the sidewalk and sat in cafes, a futuristic, matte black rectangle on four wheels passed them by, somehow navigating the roads without a driver. This was one of New Zealand’s first 5G driverless car tests conducted by a Kiwi company named Ohmio.

This test was proof that automotive technology is evolving fast and that soon our cars will drive themselves. If you think that sounds like a tall tale, check out these five futuristic safety features that already feature on cars you can buy today.

1. Autonomous emergency braking

Distracted drivers cause accidents and risk lives and even the most focused driver has momentary lapses occasionally. Emergency brake assist keeps you safe on those occasions.

The technology senses when a car, object or pedestrian is too close and then automatically applies the brakes to reduce the risk of collision. For now, this feature is usually only found on premium cars like the Holden Arcadia, but it won’t be long until it’s a fairly standard inclusion.

2. Adaptive LED headlamps

Ever been on a long road trip at night and forgotten to turn down your high beams when you pass an oncoming car? Most drivers have and many accidents have been caused as a result.

The adaptive LED headlamp feature controls the lights for you, dipping them when you pass a well-lit area, or an oncoming car. It also lengthens the beam when you’re driving at speed and narrows it when you slow down. This feature comes standard on the new Mazda CX-9.

3. Adaptive cruise control

It’s easy to lose your concentration for a half second and have an accident when you’ve been sitting on a motorway for ages.

Adaptive cruise control solves this problem. It lets you set an ideal following distance, then automatically brakes when you get to close and speeds up when you’re too far away. It can even bring you to a complete stop, allowing you to relax and automate your stopping and starting in traffic. This feature may sound advanced but it’s available on some fairly affordable cars – the new Suzuki Swift Sport, for example.

4. Traffic sign recognition

Is the speed limit 50 here? Or 80? You’ve probably asked a passenger a similar question when driving along an unfamiliar road. It’s easy to miss the speed limit, but unfortunately, that’s no excuse for speeding or when a cop pulls you over.

Never ask that question again with traffic sign recognition. This nifty feature picks up on the speed limit wherever you’re driving and displays it on the dash so that it’s impossible to miss.

5. Lateral impact avoidance

It’s so easy to miss a car in your blind spot and bump into them when changing lanes. If that’s about to happen in the new Holden Arcadia, the car will detect the object in your blind spot and provide steering wheel feedback to avoid the collision.

Are you keen to drive away in a car with awesome features like these? Drop into your nearest Nicholson dealership to find out more.

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