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4 of the best Japanese imported cars to buy in New Zealand

If you’re going to buy an imported car, make sure it’s Japanese. Japanese imports have a great reputation for being solid and reliable, and more often than not, they’re in great condition. Do your research and be careful when you buy yours and you’ll end up with a brilliant car that could be (almost) as good as new. Check out our guide to find out everything you need to know before buying.

If you’re already hunting for a car, here are a few of the best and most popular Japanese imports in New Zealand, according to registration statistics.


1. Mazda Axela (or any Mazda)

When a used car is sold at auction to an overseas buyer in Japan, it comes with an auction sheet that details the condition of the car and all other important information. This will usually include vehicle grading which describes the general condition of the car using a number from 5 to 1. If you buy a Japanese import, it’s always best that you find out its import grade before committing as this will tell you a lot about the vehicle.

Two of Mazda’s new models, the CX30 and the 2020 Mazda 3, have been nominated for the biggest prize in the automotive industry – World Car of the Year. The fact that Mazda comprises two out of three nominees this year isn’t a surprise, the Japanese carmaker has won the award before and been nominated several times. Point is, Mazda makes awesome cars.

That’s why the brand’s entry-level model, the Mazda Axela, is New Zealand’s most popular Japanese import. It’s affordable, it’s spacious and most importantly, it’s safe. If the Mazda Axela doesn’t ring your bells, it’s easy to find other Mazda models imported from Japan, including sedans and near-new hatchbacks.


The Suzuki Swift is one of New Zealand’s favourite Japanese imports.


2. Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is one of New Zealand’s favourite cars and the country’s second most popular Japanese import and it’s easy to see why. It’s affordable, practical, spacious and surprisingly fun to drive for a car of its kind.

The best thing about Swifts is that they keep running and running after several hundred thousand kilometers and countless years of use, if you buy well and take good care of them.


3. Nissan Tiida

Nissan Tiidas are ultra-affordable and reliable. They’re certainly not super cars, but they’ll get you from A to B every time, and keep you safe and comfortable.

These are the ultimate first cars, city runabouts and commuters, with plenty of space for a small family in the front and the groceries in the boot.


Nissan make great cars and plenty of them are imported used from Japan.


4. Mazda Demio

The Mazda Demio is commonly called the Mazda 2 here in New Zealand. These nifty little zoomers are super fuel-efficient, compact city cars that are great for young drivers, or those who prefer a smaller car that’s easy to handle.

Every year, New Zealand imports tens of thousands of cars from Japan. That means you’ll have a huuuge selection to choose from, including everything from people movers and utes to microcars and commuters. Nicholson Auto stocks a huge range of Japanese imports from people movers and utes to commuters and micro cars – visit our website or call to find out more.


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