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4 dream cars to buy yourself for Christmas

Christmas is all about giving generously to others, but 2019 was a long year and sometimes you need to give a little to yourself. We reckon you deserve it.

To get you thinking here are four dream cars you could buy yourself for Christmas this year.

1. Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is one of the fastest production cars on the planet. The top of the range Nismo model is packing a frightening 591 horsepower and 652 Nm under the hood. For context, that’s more torque than a new Ford Ranger XLT and almost over three times the horsepower (although you probably wouldn’t want to launch the boat with this).

All this power pushes the GT-R from 0-60 mph in around 2.5 seconds. If you’re a serious driver who loves to push the limits of your abilities on the track then this is your dream car.

2. Mazda 3

On the other end of the scale to the Nissan GT-R, we have the new model Mazda 3.

The 2019 model has won countless design awards including the prestigious Red Dot award, as well as Family Car of the Year and World Women’s Car of the Year.  It sports a flowing, minimalist looks that sets it apart from other cars in its class and it’s incredibly practical and fuel efficient to boot.  As far as everyday driving goes, the Mazda 3 is the ultimate in comfort, style and practicality.  Plus it’s surprisingly affordable for such a good looking vehicle!

3. Holden Colorado

4 out of the 10 best selling cars in New Zealand during 2019 were utes, with the Colorado coming in at 3rd place overall. For our money, this is the best ute in New Zealand.

It’s got the torque (500Nm) of a large utility vehicle and can tow just about anything, but somehow it handles like a smaller car and is a breeze to drive. There’s touch screen tech as standard across the range so navigating, changing songs on the stereo and controlling the car’s climate is easy and intuitive.

4. Mazda CX-5 Takami

Mazda are making some of the best cars in the world right now, and the top-of-the-line CX-5 Takami is no exception. Just like the Mazda 3 this is a superior everyday driver, with a little added luxury.

This compact SUV has beautiful heated and cooled Nappa leather seats, a bassy Bose sound system, and chrome detailing that adds a touch of class. Mazda has also souped up the engine, which boasts 170kW at 5,000 RPM and 420Nm at 2,000 rpm, providing a smooth yet exciting ride. While it’s compact, there’s still room for the whole family so you could pass it off as a gift to them if you try hard enough!

Are you thinking of splashing out on a new car this Christmas or in the new year? Drop in to your nearest Nicholson Dealership soon and treat yourself to something a little special.

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