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4 reasons why the 2019 Acadia is a game changer for Holden

Holden’s all new Acadia is the Australian brand’s first entry into the premium SUV market— and its a game changer.

In fact, this ultra-spacious, high-tech beast is one of our favourite new cars on the market. Here are four reasons why:


1. Acadia – Impressive, high-tech features

The designers and engineers behind the Holden Acadia thought of everything, packing this car with an arsenal of high tech features that make driving a breeze.

For example, traffic sign recognition will let you know if you miss a speed limit change so you decrease your chances of getting a ticket. The car also senses objects in front of it and autonomous emergency braking helps you stop if a collision is about to occur, while lane keep assist automatically steers you back on track if you start to drift over the road.

The backing camera is also impressive, showing you a 360 birds-eye view of your surroundings. This model even boasts advanced park assist so that when you pull up to a space, you can let go and let the car do the work. This also includes a helpful ‘hitch assist’ feature that makes attaching a trailer far easier.

2. Generous space and premium comfort

The Holden Acadia is 8.9 cm longer than the Toyota Highlander, its closest rival, and it proves what a difference that makes once you open a door and peek inside. In fact, Holden claims it has the roomiest interior in its class. There are three rows of seats, of which the back two fold down in case you need the extra space. The back seats, which are usually only for kids in regular cars (even other SUVs), are spacious enough to comfortably fit a 6 foot tall adult.

To make the ride even easier, there’s a FlexRide Adaptive Suspension system, which uses sensors to automatically adapt the suspension to the road conditions. Plus we reckon the tri-zone climate control will do a brilliant job of keeping the car cool during a hot New Zealand summer.

3. Huge power and control

Premium SUVs are heavy so they need a generous engine under the hood to keep them from feeling sluggish. The Holden Acadia has a beastly 231 kW power plant, which makes it the most powerful car in its class. For reference the Hyundai Santa Fe has 138 kW, while the Toyota Highlander has 218 kW. For a big car, this thing really moves.

An advanced 9-speed automatic transmission makes harnessing this power easy, and driver modes allow you to customise the way the car handles with the push of a button. You can even switch instantly between 2WD and AWD to best suit the conditions.

What’s more, when Acadias are imported from the United States (where they’re manufactured), their suspension and steering are specially adapted to New Zealand and Australia’s unique conditions by a team of Holden engineers.

4. Better value than its competitors

The Acadia has more space, technology and power than most of its competitors, so naturally you’d expect a higher price tag. But you’d expect wrong. You can drive away in a brand new Acadia from just $49,990 + O.R.C. Compared to other cars in its class, that’s unbeatable value:

  • Toyota Highlander: $54,990
  • Hyundai Santa Fe: $59,999.

To find out more about the Holden Acadia, or get behind the wheel for a test drive, drop in to Nicholson Holden in Morrinsville, Matamata or Whakatane.

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