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Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce


Nicholson Auto’s work with the Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce


Part of the reason why Nicholson Auto has grown so fast is because of solid business advice we’ve received from people we trust.

These days, locals can turn to the Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce (EBCC) for the high quality advice that is so essential when you’re in business – an organisation with over 12,000 members that provides expert support to companies in the local area. This helps these businesses thrive, giving them the same opportunities that Nicholson Auto has had over the years.


Nicholson Auto’s work with the Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce

After attending several of Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce events, Brad Mckenzie, the principal at our Whakatane dealership, got talking to Gerard Casey, the organisation’s CEO. Brad soon joined the EBCC and  quickly became a board member in charge of representing the interests of younger business owners throughout the region.

A few months down the track, Brad and Gerard met with Dean Nicholson, the Nicholson Auto managing director, who decided he was keen to help the EBCC with the good work they were doing for local businesses.

Nicholson Auto decided the best way we could help was by providing a new, sign written Suzuki Vitara for Gerard and his staff to use. This vehicle has helped boost the profile of the EBCC with branded signwriting, and provided an easy way for staff to get to community events and appointments. This allows them to keep supporting local businesses and helping the local economy thrive.


Supporting business in the community

The Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce is a one stop shop for almost anything a business needs – and if they can’t help you directly, they’ll connect you to a wide network of trusted professionals who can. They’re part of the broader New Zealand Chamber of Commerce group who provide support to over 12,000 members and represent 40,000 businesses.

Their goal is to inspire business success and vitality by promoting and encouraging sustainable, profitable business growth. They do this by holding networking functions, providing lobbying and advocacy for businesses, as well as products and services that contribute to success.

Giving these businesses a platform on which to thrive helps the whole community prosper, making Whakatane and the wider region a better place to live and work.

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