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We give a 5 Year Standard Mechanical Protection Plan with all qualifying pre-owned vehicles FREE!


We put customers peace of mind at the top of the list when it comes to repairs or breakdowns. Our Protection Plans lets you know that we are here when you need us. We like our customers to know that we only sell quality vehicles and we show this by giving a FREE standard protection plan on all qualifying vehicles.

Standard Protection

Limited Parts covered*
5 years / 175,000 km term
$1,000 per claim limit
$3,000 Total claims limit

What exactly is covered?



All internally lubricated parts, including: Camshaft, connecting rods and rod bearings, crankshaft and main bearings, gudgeon pins, oil pump, pistons, piston rings, push rods and lifters, rocker arms, timing chain, timing gears, valves, valve guides and seats, valve springs


Differential & Drive Line

 Bearings, centre bearings, crown wheel and pinion, drive axle housing if damage is due to failure of internally lubricated components, drive shafts, gears, half shafts, limited slip clutch pack, U and CV joints.



Internally lubricated parts only. Transmission case if damage is due to failure of internally lubricated components.



Idler arms, pitman arms, power steer box, power steering pump, steering rack, tie rod ends.


Fuel Management System

Fuel pumps, injectors, injector pump.


Electronics &

Alternator, engine management computer, starter motor, voltage regulator, wiper motor.


Clutch Assembly

2WD vehicles only. Clutch fork, clutch master, pressure plate, slave cylinder, throw out bearing.



Brake booster, calipers, hydraulic brake lines, master cylinder, wheel cylinders.


Cooling System

Electric fan thermostat, fan hub, radiator cooling fan motor, thermostat, water pump.



Control arms, top and bottom ball joints, radius rod bushes, stub axles, wheel bearings. (Applies to front suspension only)


Air Conditioning

Compressor, compressor clutch.


Body & Interior


Keeping your Mechanical Protection Plan Valid


For New and Preowned MPPs to remain valid the vehicle must be serviced at one of our Nicholson Franchise Branches. Including throughout the New vehicle warranty period. If the vehicle does not return for service, the MPP is cancelled.


Manufacturer service intervals apply. Services are at customer expense from our base line service menu, oil, filter and fluids and safety check. Customer will be advised if any other work is due, they can choose whether to get that done or not. If a customer chooses not to get the scheduled/advised work done future claims may be affected.

Where are your Service Centers?


Nicholson United Autos 
328 Thames Street 


Nicholson United Autos
145 Lake Road


Nicholson United Autos
152 Commerce Street


Nicholson United Autos
139 Commerce Street 

Terms & Conditions

To keep the Mechanical Protection Plan valid you must have your car serviced only at our service centre. If your vehicle is still under manufacturer’s cover, you will enjoy the benefits of the extended plan if the car is serviced by us, in accordance with the specifications set out in the owner’s manual at prevailing rates, until that warranty expires. If you choose to have these services done elsewhere you may not necessarily void your Manufacturer’s Warranty, however we will not be able to offer you our extended coverage. Any claims/repairs must be taken back to our dealership unless you are outside a 50km radius from the Dealership, then you should contact 0800 700 004 to get an authorisation. A claim will not be paid without an authorisation number. The plan covers wear and tear of all covered components. Services done elsewhere will not be approved or recognised. The cover provided by the plan begins on the expiry of your Manufacturer’s Full Warranty, but the Terms & Conditions start from day one. This Contract is not transferable. Refer to the Mechanical Protection Plan booklet for complete terms and conditions including full benefits.

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