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Rotorua Trails Trust


Nicholson’s collaboration with the Rotorua Trails Trust


When you’re hiking through the forest or hurtling down a hill on a mountain bike, spare a thought for the work that has gone into making what you’re doing possible. If you’re in Rotorua, chances are you’ve got the Rotorua Trails Trust to thank.

This organisation develops and maintains a network of high quality multi-user trails across the entire district, helping visitors and locals to enjoy the stunning natural environment.


The hard work of the Rotorua Trails Trust

In the words of the hard working Trails Manager at the Rotorua Trails Trust, Damian:

‘’The trust aims to build and maintain trails that provide locals and visitors with thrills, recreation exercise, scenic views; or just an interlude of tranquillity with nature.’’

To do this, the team design, plan, build and maintain trails in the Whakarewarewa Forest, Western Okataina and Rainbow Mountain areas. They also help represent the interests of recreational users in the forests, from walkers and runners to mountain bikers and equestrians.

This is a huge job but it’s worth it – the trails are used by up to 650,000 people each year and mountain biking alone generates $30 to $50 million dollars every 12 months for the local economy. What’s more, these trails are a great asset for the locals, providing an opportunity to get out and active.


Nicholson’s supporting the Rotorua Trails Trust

In early 2018, the team at Nicholson Nissan suggested that Rotorua Trails Trust was the perfect cause for Niccars to sponsor. We approached Damian, the trails manager, who quickly agreed.

Nicholson’s donated a 4WD ute, signwritten with the Trust’s name on its side. Since then, Damien has let us know they use the ute every day for everything from showing stakeholders around the forest and running working bee parties to taking tools and diggers in to work sites. Damien and his team have even used the ute to transport injured people out of the forest and provide cover from the sun for hurt riders.

The Nissan Navara was perfect for the job as almost everything the team at the trust does involves driving around, testing conditions on the trail roads through the forests. The eye-catching sign writing is also great for helping to raise the profile of the trails trust around the community – keep an eye out for it next time you’re in the area!

The team at Nicholson’s would like to say thank you to the Rotorua Trails Trust for all the hard work they do – hopefully we can keep you moving for many years to come!

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