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Morrinsville Theatre


Morrinsville Theatre and Nicholson Auto’s collaboration


Small towns like Morrinsville thrive because we’re close-knit. Nicholson Auto believe  anything that gets the community together should be encouraged, that’s why we’re so behind the team at Morrinsville Theatre – our local community performance and creative hub.

They’re a small charitable organisation that puts on four productions per year with at least one youth production (our favourite). Discover more about the important work the theatre does and why Nicholson Auto decided to collaborate with them.


Morrinsville theatre in the community

The quarterly shows that the theatre puts on are favourites among Morrinsville locals and almost always sell out. This is no surprise as the productions are of an impressive standard – especially considering the small size of the team behind them.

These shows bring the community together, both during production and on the night when the events occur and locals rush to the theatre. What’s more, the youth productions give Morrinsville’s little ones the chance to discover and display their talents both on stage and back stage in technical and production areas.

This is all organised by a dedicated team of local committee members and volunteers who work tirelessly to bring shows to life.


Nicholson Auto’s work with Morrinsville Theatre

In 2017, Brooke Bradbury, a Morrinsville Theatre committee member and actor approached the team at Nicholson Auto about supporting their youth production – Shrek Jr.

We’re big fans of the theatre and most of our staff members have sat in the audience more than once so our answer was an emphatic “yes!”. We decided the best way to help out was by donating a car for the director and other staff members to use, including advertising for the show signwritten on the vehicle. We’ve also been able to help out by supporting the theatre in their marketing efforts free of charge.

We spoke to Brooke Bradbury recently and were stoked to hear that our help is making a difference:

‘’We are so lucky to have an amazing business like Niccars support us – being non profit, it’s vital for the survival of our theatre that we have community support where available – and they have provided this multiple times”

‘’They are excellent communicators and very easy to work with. I have personally worked with them on several occasions and the communication is excellent and they always go above and beyond for us.’’

From the whole team at Nicholson Auto, we’d like to say thank you to Morrinsville Theatre for doing an incredible job. We hope we can keep working together and keeping you and your staff moving for many years!

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