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Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce


Nicholson Auto’s work with the Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce


In 2013, Morrinsville played host to our first Ranfurly Shield Challenge match, where we watched the local Waikato team win by a whopping 85 points. Despite our small population, the game sold out and the entire town rallied around the event to make it truly special.

Behind the scenes Morrinsville Rugby worked with Dean Nicholson (one of Nicholson Auto’s founders) and the Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce to secure the shield game and held countless meetings before the day to make sure it went smoothly. Nicholson Auto donated a signwritten promo car to Cathy Belvert the CEO of Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce so that she could use it to raise publicity and get to meetings while organising the game.

When the game was over Cathy was hesitant to hand her car back:

“I got extremely attached to the car and was sad to see it go, even suggested I keep it at the time and change the advertising on it.  This has been a standing joke between Dean and I for years.”


The work of the Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce

Morrinsville wouldn’t be what it is today without the Chamber of Commerce. They are the voice of businesses in the area as well as running the Morrinsville i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, the AA Agency, the Herd of Cows Project and all promotions and advertising for the town. As you can see – they’re a busy bunch.

Morrinsville was where Nicholson Auto started way back in 1980 which is why we’ve always been a staunch supporter of the Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce – and it’s also why in 2018 we (finally) donated a sign written car to Cathy.

Her reaction was one of relief:

“Whoopee! I got a car! Better late than never! In supplying a sponsored vehicle, Nicholson Auto have enabled me to attend meetings in the district as well as conferences out of town. The vehicle is a great tool for promoting the Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce as well as the annual events and activities it is involved with.”

Cathy is extremely visible around town in her new Suzuki S-Cross. Every time we see her, we’re glad to know she’s still working hard. Thank you to the Morrinsville Chamber of Commerce for all the incredible work you all do in the community and for helping to make our town what it is.

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