EBOP Hospice


Nicholson Auto’s work with the Eastern Bay of Plenty Hospice


The last years of life can be difficult without the right support. The Eastern Bay of Plenty (EBOP) Hospice aims to make these years easier, helping the elderly to live every moment the best that they can.

Without the work that the hospice does, the last years of life would be so much harder on both the elderly and their family and friends.


The essential service provided by the EBOP Hospice

To make the later years and months more comfortable the EBOP Hospice provides specialist palliative care for patients. This includes clinical team visits, help with pain relief, use of specialist equipment, support for their families and referrals to other specialist services.

This allows the elderly to pass away with dignity, making their last months better as well as helping their families deal with the passing. This is achieved by a team of highly qualified and compassionate health professionals, as well as a management team that understands how important what they do is for a town as small as Whakatane.

They are a non-government organisation so they rely heavily on contracts from the local district health board and the generosity of sponsors and donors to keep operating.


Nicholson’s support of the EBOP Hospice

More than 4 years ago Nicholson Auto noticed an opportunity to help the EBOP Hospice the best way we know how – by providing them with a high quality vehicle to use, replaced with a new model every six months.

The team at the hospice use the cars we donate to visit patients in their homes, making it easier to carry out their work. Recently, we saw another opportunity to help by providing support for the hospice’s awesome fundraising event – Sunshine on a Plate.

This is a night of fine French food, a black and white ball and whiskey tasting that aims to raise money for the Hospice. To lend a helping hand, we donated a sign written ute to the hospice that functioned as a moving billboard to promote the event. We also spoke to our friend Kane Williamson who was kind enough to donate some signed cricket bats to help raise money at auction during the event.

We recently spoke to Fundraising and Volunteer Services Manager Anna Meredith and we’re stoked to see that she’s been happy with our help so far:

“Nicholson Auto are very supportive and fantastic to work with. They are in it for the community, not themselves. Their help has enabled us to do our jobs and increased the amount we raised through the festival.”

The team at Nicholson are very much aware of how essential the work the EBOP Hospice does it to the community and we’d like to thank them for all they do. Hopefully we can keep helping out wherever we can for several years to come!

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