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Looking for quality and performance tyres supplied by locals for locals?

Express Tyres by Nicholsons is your local tyre shop with the knowledge and product to get you the tyres you need. Whether it be for your performance car or your boat trailer, we have it all!

We have a fully stocked tyre shop that can guarantee same day tyres!

We are locals! Express tyres is a part of the Nicholson United Autos which has been around the Waikato since 1936. We understand the importance of supporting the local community and businesses alike.

Right behind Nicholsons, Morrinsville.

Right beside Nicholsons, Matamata.

Behind Nicholson Mazda next to Bella Designs, Whakatane.

Why Nexen Tyres?


State of the art manufacturing.

NEXEN’s advanced automated manufacturing equipment is the best in the industry. Efficiency combined with superior technology enables NEXEN to deliver the best product at the best value. This claim is backed by a record of excellence 70 years strong. To us, “best” means 24-7 unwavering quality assurance resulting in no NEXEN product recalls – ever.

Award winning tyres.

NEXEN’s innovations make us the first tire company to sweep four of the world’s top design awards: IDEA (2014), G-Mark (2013), Dot Design (2012) and IF Design (2011). NEXEN outshined 2,000 entries for the 2014 IDEA with our Green Hive concept tire featuring a replaceable tread block. Judges deemed it “a truly game changing tire.” Going forward, NEXEN is impassioned to lead the pack in ground-breaking products that deliver outstanding performance and design.

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