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We get this question almost everyday here and times they are changing! There is a lot of speculation about whats coming for Holden and this is what we can tell you.

Holden is coming into the biggest revamping it has ever experienced. This is an exciting time and here is whats coming to Holden in the next 5 years.


  • 25 NEW major vehicles coming
  • 36 drivetrain combinations
  • The COMMODORE name plate will live on!
  • Holden vehicles will continue to be tuned and tested at Lang Lang Proving Ground in Victoria.
  • More than a 1/3 of new vehicles will be sourced from Europe.


This shows us that Holden are making a huge commitment to staying relative and bringing you all the newest models in the world.

Listen to the lion roar!

The new Commodore VF SS Redline Series II, it has some snap, crackle and pop.

Just a small video just outside our showroom. Sounds amazing.


It has arrived and is sitting in our showroom.

This Commodore is really something special, from the new 6.2 litre engine to the all new exhaust system.

Lets start with the engine, with a new 6.2L LS3 engine on V8 models, complete with BiModal exhaust and Mechanical Sound Enhancer, this powerful engine offers exceptional performance and towing capabilities churning out 304kW* of raw power and 570Nm* of torqueNext would be the BiModal exhaust system, unleash the heightened aural potential to allow maximum exhilaration.

The BiModal exhaust has been tuned to provide a balance between a sporty V8 soundtrack and a refined note. The system can also be switched to a non-active mode through the infotainment system.

Lets [...]

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