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Sam Clark


Sam Clark multi-sport champion and Nicholson’s ambassador


Sam Clark is one of New Zealand’s (and the world’s) leading multi-sport athletes. He’s the 2019 World Multi-Sport Champion and has won the World Stage Racing Competition in China, a round of the Adventure Racing World Series and several other high profile multi-sport and endurance competitions.

He’s also a Whakatane local through-and-through and an absolute character – traits which we think are just as important as his sporting prowess. Nicholson Auto couldn’t be happier to have him as our ambassador.


Sam Clark’s beginnings as Nicholson’s ambasador

Phil Hope from our Whakatane sales team is an old friend of Sam’s, so he introduced him to Dean Nicholson just before the 2015 Coast to Coast race. After several cups of coffee and a few yarns, a deal was struck and Sam became Nicholson Auto’s official ambassador.

Few people can describe Sam’s work with our team at Nicholson Auto better than the man himself:

“As an Ambassador, I represent the company’s involvement in the community and uphold their values. I drive a signwritten Nicholson’s Suzuki Vitara so that means being courteous in traffic, no speeding and no skids.”

Despite concerns that Sam would pull skids in the Suzuki Vitara that we donated, we believed few people represent the friendly community spirit (and sense of humour) we try to embody better than he did. Sam obviously feels the same about us:

“As a (somewhat) professional athlete, it is important to build relationships which help both parties toward their goals, so when I started looking for a car sponsor, I looked at which company was already the most involved in the community. At the time, Nicholson’s were new to Whakatane, but were already involved with quite a few community groups, which says a lot about a company’s morals. I knew I would be dealing with good people.”


Nicholson Auto’s ongoing collaboration with Sam

Sam’s been Nicholson Auto’s ambassador for several years now and we’re hoping the relationship continues. We caught up with the man himself recently and were stoked to know he’s on the same wavelength:

“Nicholson’s are great. Their contribution has made a tremendous difference to my sporting career and has enabled me to pursue goals without having to worry about my vehicle. Dean and his team have been super supportive. It’s a real pleasure to be supported by such a positive and community minded company. No one has a bad thing to say about their service and driving around in a new Suzuki is pretty cool too…”

From the whole team at Nicholson – cheers Sam, we hope we can keep you moving for many years to come!

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