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Brendon McCullum


Brendon McCullum and Nicholson Auto’s work in the community


Brendon McCullum is one of New Zealand’s most successful cricket captains and one of our best ever batsmen. He also scored the fastest ever century in terms of balls faced against Australia back in 2016.

Needless to say, he’s a sporting legend – but more importantly, Brendon is a genuine, down-to-earth person. That’s why the team at Nicholson are so stoked to have him as our ambassador, helping us contribute to our local community.


Nicholson Auto’s work with Brendon McCullum

A few years ago, Kane Williamson introduced Brendon McCullum to Alan Kerby, our Community and Promotions manager. The two got along right off the bat (pun intended) and agreed that Nicholson Auto and Brendon should work together.

Since then, Brendon has been involved in several community events with Nicholson, including a charity fundraiser for Pohlen Hospital. Brendon’s generosity makes it easier for Nicholson Auto to help local organisations like Pohlen Hospital by raising their profile and boosting fundraising efforts.

As part of our ongoing friendship, we’ve also provided Brendon with a brand new Holden Colorado Ute, which he uses to get around when he’s not overseas hitting sixes. We caught up with him recently and were pleased to hear he’s enjoying the vehicle:

“Nicholson Auto provides me with a vehicle which is awesome and also a really cool relationship that is easy to manage from both parties,” he explained.

In the past, Brendon and his wife have also both purchased vehicles from Nicholson Auto.


A friendship built on shared values

We work with Brendon because we believe he shares Nicholson’s values. We’re happy to hear he’s on the same page:

“Nicholson Auto are great people to work with and always a pleasure to interact with. While I’m away a fair amount of time, it’s good to reconnect when I’m home. My impression of Nicholson’s is that they are a family business with strong values,” Brendon said.

As most of our staff are cricket mad, we love watching Brendon play and consider it a real pleasure to work with him to help out our local community. And, while we haven’t roped him into a game of backyard cricket at a staff barbeque, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time!

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