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Big Angry Fish


Nicholson Auto ambassadors: Big Angry Fish


Every Sunday during winter at 5pm, Big Angry Fish runs on TV3. This fishing show has gained a cult following in New Zealand, Australia and 40 other countries thanks to its unique shallow water fishing approach as well as the colourful personalities of its hosts, Morrinsville local Milan Radonich, his business partner and co-host Nathan O’Hearn.

Many of the staff and management at Nicholson Auto are keen fishermen and tune into Big Angry Fish every Sunday.


The Big Angry Fish Story

Several years ago on a cold winter’s morning, Milan and a close friend were fishing about 3 kilometres off the North Cape. When the first morning of the multi-day trip was over, they had already pulled in dozens of huge snapper, kingfish and trevally – 20 pounders were coming in one after another.

That’s when they decided this action would make a great TV show – an idea that turned into a successful broadcast in 42 countries all over the world.

However, Milan suffers from chronic seasickness – which is not ideal for the host of a global fishing show.

To get around that, Milan fishes mainly in shallow coastal areas, catching sea monsters in as little as one metre of water – a skill that earned him his nickname “The King of Kingys’’. This unique approach and Milan’s colourful personality have made the show the huge hit that it is.

Our friendship is still in its early days, but Milan has promised to have the staff at Nicholson heaving over the sides of his boat, hooked up to some massive Kingies in the near future. We’ll hold you to that Milan!


Milan Radonich & Big Angry Fish – Nicholson Auto ambassadors

We arranged two Holden Colorado 4x4s for Milan and his team to drive around town and use to produce and promote his awesome show. Nicholson’s caught up with Milan recently and, as always, we’re stoked to hear his kinds word about our team:

“Nicholson is one of the few companies around that is family owned, and they just want to give back, help and support local people doing something different. A rare quality and such a pleasure to see.”

Since our friendship started, the Big Angry Fish team have also helped promote our business in any way they can – and our doors are always open should they need a hand with anything at all.

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